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What is Hyperactivity and How Extended Wear Contacts Can Help

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Hyperactivity is a problem for many children. At school, they can be distracting themselves while distracting other children around them. The characteristics of hyperactivity are problems paying attention, excessive activity and difficulty controlling behavior. A handicap that contributes to hyperactive behavior is vision impairment and a solution to that is extended wear contacts.

Why Does Vision Impairment Cause Hyperactivity?

Vision Impairment often influences the things children excel in and we prefer to do things we excel in. Myopes or nearsighted people want to do near tasks more, while hyperopes or farsighted people struggle with those tasks and tend to avoid them. If they’re struggling to excel in certain activities that they’re supposed to enjoy, like playing with friends because of their vision, that struggle is much worse in the classroom as that can affect their self-esteem and confidence.

Why Corrective Glasses Don’t Work?

It has been found that corrective glasses are not very successful for the visually impaired. Children are active, they could break them easily, or they forget and it's difficult to get a child into a habit like always putting on and constantly wearing glasses, especially at school where they are not being monitored by their loving parents. If they are not worn as directed, they won’t work or make a difference.

What are Extended Wear Contacts?

Extended wear contacts are silicone hydrogel lenses that are better at letting oxygen through to the eyes. While sleeping, the only way for your eyes to get oxygen is through your eyelids but silicone hydrogel lenses allow oxygen to get through to your eyes. They can be worn continuously, even during the night which means there isn’t a need to remember putting them in or danger of breaking or losing them. After a child gets them, they return after 2 weeks for their usual evaluation. Wearing them means being able to see clearly at all times, even when waking up unexpectedly at night.

The Long-Lasting Benefits.

Being able to suddenly see clearly for a child can be life-changing. Parents have noticed these changes in as little as a couple weeks as their children became less hyperactive and more focused in the classroom. By being less hyperactive and more focused they are more successful in their work which significantly boosts their confidence and self-esteem.

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