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Smart Strategies for Contact Lens Wearers

Here are some strategies that doctors & experienced lens wearers recommend:

  • Limit Wearing Time.

  • Make your own allergy-season “paradigm-shift” by wearing your lenses part-time, for example, for sports, social events, and photos with family & friends.

  • If you use daily wear, two- or four-week replacement contacts, talk to your eye doctor about which lens-care cleaning system is best for you.

  • Use eye drops as prescribed by your doctor.

Studies have shown that single-use contact lenses can be a healthy option for contact wearers in general, including for some people with eye allergies.

Single-Use Lenses: A Healthy Choice for Many People with Eye Allergies

One-day contact lenses (daily disposable lenses thrown away at the end of the day) not only avoid the surface build-up of irritating allergens, but also eliminate exposure to the disinfectants and preservatives in lens-cleaning solutions- which themselves may lead to allergic reactions for some wearers. In addition, throwaway lenses are less time-consuming & more convenient than replacement lenses.

In a three-year study comparing the clinical performance of daily disposables ( 1-DAY ACUVUE Brand Contact Lenses) with that of conventional daily-wear lenses, single-use lens wearers reported fewer symptoms of redness, cloudy vision, and grittiness; at the same time, they reported better vision and overall satisfaction, and had fewer lens surface deposits, complications, or unscheduled doctor’s visits.

For more information about vision health, contact Baldwin Eye Care, LLC.

Call Baldwin Eye Care, LLC to schedule an appointment with your eye care professional. It’s important to seek a professional diagnosis to determine the correct cause of your symptoms.


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