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What is Pinkeye and How Can it be Treated?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

What is Pinkeye

Conjunctivitis, aka pink eye, occurs when the conjunctiva of the eye is inflamed. The conjunctiva is a thin, clear tissue that lies inside the eyelid over the white part of the eye. Commonly seen in children, pink eye is highly contagious spreading quickly in daycares and schools. Luckily, the condition is rarely serious and isn’t likely to damage one’s vision.


Pinkeye is caused by a variety of things including viruses, bacteria, allergic reactions, fungi and irritants like cosmetics, dirt, and smoke. In addition, Conjunctivitis can be caused by some sexually transmitted diseases such as Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. The most common and most contagious form of pink eye is viral strains. Viral strains typically start in one eye and spread to the other within a few days. In addition to irritated eyes, you might notice swollen lymph nodes near your ears or jawbone.

Symptoms and Treatment

Symptoms of pink eye include redness of the eye or inner eyelid, tears, swollen conjunctiva, discharge from the eye, itchy eyes, burning, blurred vision, sensitivity to light and swollen lymph nodes. Treatment ranges from letting the virus run its course to eye drops, ointments, and antibiotics. If you find you’ve contracted pinkeye there are a few things you can do to relieve the symptoms:

  • Keep your eyes clean by washing discharge from your eyes multiple times a day.

  • Change or wash your pillowcase each day.

  • Don’t rub or touch irritated eyes.

  • Say no to eye makeup, eye drops, and contact lenses.

  • Protect your eyes from irritants such as dirt.

More Info

If you think you might have pinkeye call Baldwin Eye Care, LLC to schedule an appointment with your eye care professional. It’s important to seek a professional diagnosis to determine the correct cause of your symptoms.


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